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By Stuart Moston


Dramatis Personae



Lily Windsor, who writes also as Fleur Valois: a posh, beautiful and talented young English journalist, currently Hollywood correspondent at top celebrity sleaze magazine Kapow!, who finds herself in an ethical dilemma when her boss sends her to get a sex-romp story about an actor for whom she may have developed tender feelings.


David Molteno, archetypal square-jaw Hollywood movie hero, world number one box-office draw, who apart from being painfully in the grip of unrequited love is possibly embarking upon a pre-mid-life crisis and considering a change of career.


Maxwell H Bacon, governor of Florida, who wants the Republican presidential nomination, and who is persuaded by his PR gurus (against his better judgment) that he needs a celebrity running mate if he’s to become the next president of the United States.


Maria Spondulic, David Molteno’s agent, who is determined to fend-off anyone attempting to poach her lucrative client, be they an inappropriate would-be lover or an ambitious politician.


Robert E Lee Maclean, an ambitious politician, currently governor of Texas but also the outsider in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.


Charles Hood, once press officer of the Black Radical Congress, recently headhunted from Greenpeace International to be Bob Maclean’s spindoctor, who is looking to present Maclean as a Republican with a difference.


Keira Bush, a top actress said to owe her life equilibrium to drugs, booze, a biannual holiday at a detox centre and too much sex with the wrong people, but who has decided to get her life in order, find a serious boyfriend and possibly support a political cause.


Eddie Cheddar, a retired businessman currently running the American Way Entertainment Foundation, whose mission in life is to propagate true American values via the silver screen, and to support the best possible Republican candidate, and who has a surprising soft-spot for a certain bad-girl actress whose soul he believes may be rescued if only she would start keeping the right company.


Mick McGibbon, actor-producer-director, leading light of the Australian cinema industry and creator of Outblack Comedy, who is in America seeking to find talent for his next highly-irreverent film.


Boo, née Boudicca Woodcock, possibly the most exquisitely beautiful actress in the world, intelligent, talented and always looking for new challenges, who is considering moving to Australia. She with whom David Molteno is painfully in the grip of unrequited love.


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