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By Stuart Moston


First published: November 2012 (first Kindle edition)



Stars is set in the relatively sedate and differently-unpredictable pre-Trump era.


David Molteno, Hollywood's number one box office draw, has started dreaming in screenplay. And through his dreams, we learn he's a man in the grip of a powerful unrequited love for a top actress named Boo; that he thinks he's entering a pre-mid-life crisis regarding his career direction; and that he may have committed something of an indiscretion last night, when he spent the evening drinking beer and flirting with a charming and attractive journalist called Lily Windsor.


David finds himself pulled in different directions, both in his love life and in his career. Awe - the American Way Entertainment Foundation - wants David Molteno to keep on making the kind of blockbusters that propagate true American values. But Governor Maxwell H Bacon, the hot tip for the Republican presidential nomination, is looking for a celebrity running mate to help make politics more interesting. And David himself has ideas about writing and directing his own romantic comedy. This brings him closer to the brilliant, artistic and mixed-up Hollywood bad girl Keira Bush. And it's in their meeting of artistic souls that the idea for Stars is born. Stars will be a film within a film, and in the process of shooting this film in Colombia, David's life is about to change...


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