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Trojan Godfather


By Madoc Paine


First published November 2018 (Kindle edition)



Nobody ever knew the full story – until now. And it didn’t all happen quite how people have always said.

Yes, there was a goddess who reacted badly when she wasn’t invited to a party. An impromptu divine beauty contest. Some weird sex involving a swan. A couple of political marriages and a controversial love affair. All these played their part in starting the Trojan war. But ultimately this is a story about who controls destiny – is it gods, ambitious kings, the three evil sisters called the fates, or something else?

Zeus just wants to enjoy his quiet, comfortable life as god-father of the Olympian family, the deities who dominate the Greek world from their bronze palace atop Mount Olympos.

His wife Herë mostly wants greater power as queen of heaven. And to put an end to her husband’s philandering.

And Apollon, god of light, prophecy, healing and the arts - divine patron of Troy - wants to make himself a father-god in his own right, to expand his worship and his power to the east of the East. To make himself the Trojan god-father.

Meanwhile an extremely ambitious mortal prince called Agamemnon struggles to overcome his family curse. Can Agamemnon regain the kingdom which was stolen from him when he was sixteen? Can he learn how to manipulate the favour of gods and goddesses, to control his own destiny the way no mortal man ever has? Can he make himself the most powerful king in the world?

Based on his unrivalled access both to the underworld and to the bronze palace on Mount Olympos, Titanic narrator Argos Panoptës weaves together an epic story of love and war, intrigue and power-play on earth and in heaven; of the rivalry of cities, the rise and fall of dynasties, the fortunes of families both mortal and divine.

The story of the Trojan god-father.


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